What Would Have Been Your Role at the Congress of Vienna 1814/1815?

Vienna, 1814. 271,000 people live in the capital of the Austrian Empire. The city is going to host one of the major political events of the early 19th century: The Congress of Vienna. The heads of the five reigning dynasties, representatives from 216 noble families and their entourage travel to Vienna. 16.000 visitors are already arriving in September. More are to follow: plenipotentiaries, ministers, noblemen, servants, musicians, artists, merchants, fortune-hunters and card sharps.

Have a glimpse behind the scenes

Organising the Congress is a huge task. Regency Explorer takes you behind the scenes as either the Head of the Police Ministry or the Master of Ceremonies and tells you more about the history of the Congress and the tasks that had to be fulfilled.

First, find out in which role you would have fitted best at the Congress by answering the three questions below. Count your points to get a proper result, and then read on to learn more about the challenges the real historical persons of Baron Hager, Head of the Police Ministry, and Count Trauttmansdorff, Master of Ceremonies, had to face.

Question 1

There are thousands of foreign visitors in Vienna. What do you think about it?

  1. I have to know exactly what each of these suspicious individuals is doing at each time of the day.
  2. Brilliant, plenty of human resources to draw an army from.
  3. I will dazzle them with a great ball, including the best Viennese food and thousands of candles. They will talk about their stay in Vienna for years.

Question 2

You find a love letter directed to Wilhelmina, Duchess of Sagan, written by her lover Frederick Lamb, at a desk in a salon at Imperial Palace, the Hofburg. What do you do?

  1. Outrageous! This document should have been encoded! This Lamb guy is in the diplomatic service!
  2. I had better put the letter safely in an envelope and have it returned to Mr Lamb.
  3. An excellent source of information. I shall add this right on top of the daily report to the Emperor and Mr Metternich.

Question 3

A silver spoon is missing from the imperial set of cutlery. Your reaction is:

  1. You search the whole of Vienna to get it back. The handle of the spoon might be hollow and contain secret information!
  2. You search the whole of Vienna to get it back. Without the spoon, the imperial set of cutlery is incomplete, which is unacceptable!
  3. Who cares?


Count your points

Q 1: 1) 3 Police points, 2) 3 Military points, 3) 2 Ceremony points

Q 2: 1) 3 Military points, 2) 3 Ceremony points, 3) 2 Police points

Q 3: 1) 2 Police points, 2) 3 Ceremony points, 3) 3 Military points



You have the highest score in police points

You always act responsibly and discrete. You base your opinions on thoroughly researched facts.

Your role: Baron Hager, Head of the Police Ministry

Your task: Know everything about everybody. Click here to learn more.


You have the highest score in ceremony points

You are attentive and enjoy to make people comfortable. Additionally, you have an eye for details and excellent organisational skills.

Your role: Count Trauttmansdorff, Master of Ceremonies

Your task: Managing the Glamour. Click here to learn more.


You have the highest score in military points

You are Napoleon! What are you doing here? Get back to Elba!