About Regency Explorer

Are you a Regency enthusiast?

Do you like the Regency?

Do you read Regency romances?

Do you write a historical novel?

If it is a “yes” or a “maybe” to any of these questions, here is a new website for you.

I am writing a Regency novel and have collected a huge amount of data. If you are interested in historical facts and how to find them, please have a look at my posts under the categories.

For general information about writing or about my public readings, see anything categorized A Writer’s Life.

The tag “A Writer’s Travel Guide” offers you a quick access to my series of articles about the places, the related people and the history of Regency England (including the occasional “Grand Tour” to the continent).

I enjoy experiencing typical aspects of the Regency period, such as carriage driving and dancing. I am happy to share my Regency adventures with you here.

Last but not least, you can find exhibitions (mostly related to the 18th century) at  “The Museum of Creativity“.