Museum of Creativity

This page and its sub-pages are not necessarily related to the Regency era. It is a place for the exhibition of creative projects from a wide range of subjects.

Current exhibitions

Make your own Georgian chest of drawershow to turn a chest from IKEA into an antique-looking piece of furniture

How to Dress for a Picnic with Emma – An exhibition in cooperation with Lucia

Take Your Favourite Period with You on a Picnic.  – An exhibition by Jacques Kee

 An Empire-Style Ball Gown Based on 21st Century Clothes – Making a Dress for a Jane Austen Ball. – An exhibition in cooperation with Lucia

Spring Butterflies – a Photography Project

How to Assemble a Ball Gown   a Creative Approach to Sewing a Dress for a Regency Ball

Modern Japanese Poetry – Poems by Chiyo Kitahara

“Kiss“ or “smack“ – Print your personal letterhead using the techniques of the early 19th century. An exhibition by Matthias Adler

Braid, Lace and Panier: Making a Riding Habit for the 1750ies – An exhibition in cooperation with Lucia

 “Les Marie-Antoinettes” – a Recipe for a Rich, Baroque Delight 

Brighten the Dark Winter Days with Regency-Inspired Paper Lanterns

Topics and dates may be subject to change.

The museum gallery is open daily around-the-clock. Admission is free. There’s no need to drop off your bag at the cloak room. Stay as long as you like. Have a drink or a snack while visiting. Photography without flash only, please.