Inspired by History: The 5-Minute Novel

Regency Explorer starts a new series of posts combining entertainment and facts about the Regency: the 5-Minute Novel.

When researching history, you come across historical facts that turn into plot bunnies just by themselves. A plot bunny is an idea for a scene or a story. So you read something about history and immediately get an idea for using it in a story. You think some more about it and see a whole novel developing.

As an avid reader of Regency Explorer you know I am advocating extensive historical research to writers of Regency Novels. Detailed knowledge of the historical background helps to straighten the plot, gives credibility to your characters and brings the story to life.

The problem:

You find so many facts along the way, leading to new novels that would take you years to write.

The solution:

The 5-Minute Novel.

What I call a 5-Minute Novel is a text that contains the complete idea of the story and can be read in about five minutes. It describes the major events. At times, it can be more detailed than a story line. But often it summarizes scenes and chapters in one sentence only. It takes a lot less time to write than the full novel and is, admittedly, much shorter.

Follow me to my very first 5-Minute Novel inspired by my research of the printing business in Regency London.