Books & Coffee – a Perfect Match

A stylish local roasting facility hosted the latest literary event organised by book shop Kempter in Hoehenkirchen / Germany. The treat for the audience: tasting freshly brewed espresso, and listening to three new authors presenting their books.

It was a lovely idea, and I am delighted to have been offered the chance to read from the first chapter of my historical novel “Von tadellosem Ruf” (‘Of impeccable reputation’).

Joining Simon Gerold, author of a novel set in ancient Rome, and Thomas Buttgereit, who read from the travel diary of this motorbike tour along the Pan-American Highway, was great fun.

Thanks to everybody for creating an inspiring and entertaining event!

Thomas, Anna, Simon

Coffee roasting facility Roessler

Anna M. Thane, reading from “Von tadellosem Ruf”