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When you develop a plot, you make your characters face a new situation and see how they deal with it. In a previous post, I have compared it to picking chance cards in a strategy board game.

When you get stuck in creating your story line, you can visit this page and use the chance card below as a new twist for your plot. I have collected more than 150 chance cards. The cards are picked randomly.

Here is your chance card:


Pick a new card.

One thought on “Story Generator

  1. I use a random decision path sometimes for mysteries with regards to theft or murder, the nature of the victim, what ties the perpetrator to them, motive, or if theft what is stolen. I developed it for adventures in role playing games and adapted it… a list of adjectives, eg, frail, hearty, hypochondriac, a list of age categories and a combination of male/female and class then the relationship, so you can have a frail old servant is murdered by a social superior for what he knows, or a beautiful middle aged widow has a letter stolen because it relates to inheritance for example. It’s quite fun to roll the dice and see what comes out… often all a plot bunny needs is a nudge.

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