Strategy “Standardising and improving existing munition”

The standard weapon of the infantry is the musket. It is produced part by part in different workshops in more or less complex designs.
Next to the musket, the rifle is another small-arm used by the British army – occasionally and not always to satisfaction – from 1751. It has its drawbacks: It takes far too long to load, and the soldiers require specialized firing training.

Proposal: Standardising the production of muskets

Your decision as Member of the Board of Ordnance

This is a promising and modern approach.
I approve the proposal!


I question the reasoning behind the proposal! Standardisation – humbug!
I’d rather try Standardising and improving existing munitions.
Let’s focus on Encouraging gun making in striving areas outside of London.


I went to war with the “Brown Bess” myself. I won’t let anyone fiddle with it!
I resign from the Board of Ordnance in protest!