Strategy “Developing new channels of supply”

London has been the centre of manufacturing armaments for centuries. Private workshops design and build small arms for the rich, the government, and also for the private army of the East India Company. At the outskirts of London, there are state workshops and institutions for the production of munitions of all kinds. These are, however, too small to deal with the enormous demand of a war with Revolutionary France. Besides, some of the workshops are quite dated.


Proposal: Engaging additional contractors in London


Your decision as Member of the Board of Ordnance

This is a reasonable step.
I approve the proposal!


I have some doubt.
I’d rather try
Standardising and improving existing munitions.
Let’s focus on Encouraging gun making in striving areas outside of London.


The contractors are complaining before they even have started?
I resign from the Board of Ordnance!