The Dark Days of Georgian Britain – a Guest Post by James Hobson

I am delighted to have James Hobson, author and former history teacher, as guest writer at Regency Explorer. In his book, “Dark Days of Georgian Britain. Rethinking the Regency”, James explores the lives of the powerless and the challenges they faced. He writes about corruption in government and elections, “bread or blood” rioting, the political discontent felt and the revolutionaries involved. It’s a treat for me to present James’s work about a little discussed field of research:

Rethinking the Regency: A description of terrible times and the people who had the courage to fight back

If you write a book with the expression “Dark Days” in the title, then it might be a good idea to reassure people that the book is not as bleak as it sounds. Well, I am afraid I can’t.

People seem to have forgotten, or do not know, that the period around the Napoleonic wars was one of the most appalling in British history. When there is a “worst year in British history competition”, 1816 is the latest year to be mentioned, and all the other competitors – like 1648 or 1347- are periods of epidemic disease or fratricidal civil war.

At first it made me angry that nobody had written very much about this aspect of the Regency and then it made me very happy. Continue reading

Hitchins, F. / Drew, S.: The History of Cornwall

Hitchins, Fortescue / Drew,  Samuel

The History of Cornwall: From the Earliest Records and Traditions to the Present Time, Vol. 2; London, 1824

William Penaluna, London, 1824

A fascination guide to Cornwall from the viewpoint of two authors from the Regency period. The book comes in two volumes and covers the history of Cornwall in about 1400 pages. It also contains many useful tables (i.e about parishes or the produce of mines) and contains some plates. You can read it online here:

I used the book for checking some details for my post “Writers Travel Guide: Anna-Maria Hunt and the Rescue of Lanhydrock House”.

Balleine, G. R. / Syvret, M. / Stevens, J.: Balleine’s History of Jersey

Balleine, George Reginald (Author) / Syvret, M. (Editor) / Stevens, J. (Editor)

Balleine’s History of Jersey

Phillimore & Co Ltd. 1981

Balleine’s History of Jersey is still the standard reference on the history of Jersey. The book covers the history of Jersey until the 1950s. The Romantic Age is covered by 2 chapters.

I used the book to write my post “Writer’s Travel Guide: The Jersey Connection”.