Managing the Characters – Part 3 of 3: Sample Biography and Quiz

In the first two parts of this series, I wrote about ways to manage the characters of a novel. I discussed

I also mentioned that it is useful to write a biography for each character. While it is a lot of work, there are certain benefits.

How does a biography help?

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Managing the Characters – Part 2 of 3: Tools and Free Download

Welcome to the second post of this 3-part series about keeping track of your characters – the one with The Free Download. In the previous post, I covered what pieces of information about your characters you could and should define.

You have now created a lot of data for each character. How to handle it? The answer depends on your preferences. Here are some options: Continue reading

Got Stuck in Your Story Line? – Pick a Chance Card!

Writers are free to make use of any creativity technique they can think of. Brainwriting and Mind Mapping, for example, are well known.

Another intriguing technique is incorporating chance, i.e. random thoughts, into your creative process in order to trigger ideas. In a previous post I have suggested using chance cards when being stuck in creating a plot.

Picking cards? Are you serious?

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How to develop a plot

How do you come up with a plot? The question sounds harmless, but has caused many a sleepless night to aspiring writers.

Once you have decided to write a Regency novel, the rules of the genre define your framework:

The minimum ingredients

For a Regency novel, you need in any case: Continue reading