Book Month at Regency Explorer!

In December, Regency Explorer celebrates the book. Join me in having a look at different aspects of historical printing, the art of bookbinding and story-telling.

1New Exhibition

Celebrations start with the opening of a new exhibition at The Museum of Creativity. Kiss” or “Smack by Matthias Adler sets out to inspire you to print your personal calling cards, letterheads or texts just as it was done in the Romantic Age. Click here to visit the exhibition.

The Castle of Atraños

In the first week of December, Regency Explorer will start a new series: the “5-Minutes-Novel”. The first post, titled The Castle of Atraños, features a novel, spies and a clever heroine.

Bookbinding in Regency London

My next post of the Writer’s Travel Guide series will take you to a certain part of The City of London where you will learn more about historical bookbinding. The post will be published in the second week of December.

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News about New Books

Last but not least, you can find out here what’s new on the market for non-fiction books for Regency Enthusiasts.

Enjoy Book Month at Regency Explorer!