Usick, Patricia: Adventures in Egypt and Nubia

Dr Patricia Usick

Adventures in Egypt and Nubia, the Travels of William John Bankes (1786-1855)

David Brown Book Co; 2002

Dr Usick describes the extraordinary travels of Egyptologist William Bankes, and it is invaluable that she often quotes humorous parts from his correspondence. An incredible good read that provides an insight view into travelling and exploration in the early 19th century.

The book was one of the sources for my posts about William Bankes and about Thomas Legh .

2 thoughts on “Usick, Patricia: Adventures in Egypt and Nubia

  1. Researching a Dorset Barrister, who had everything to do with the disappearance of 3 of the principle gentry of East Dorset, and William John Bankes was one of them.
    As he was a M.P. and a J.P. of Wimborne.
    Wondering if Dr. Usick might be interested in learning a little bit about this rather enigmatic gentleman, who provided his services as a County Magistrate, not only for Dorset, but equally for Somerset to! PS, one volume already written, the seconded is half way finished, and is very very detailed.

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