Quiz 5

wellingtonThe Wellington Quiz – 7 Tough Nuts to Crack

A short quiz about the life of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. Some battle experience is required.

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1) Arthur Wellesley was born in the same year as
2) Arthur Wellesley joined the army in March 1787 in the position of
3) Which of the following quotes is not by Arthur Wellesley:
4) In 1796, Arthur Wellesley, lieutenant-colonel in the 33rd Regiment, sailed to
5) In 1812, Arthur Wellesley was the first non-catholic to be awarded with
6) Which of the following battles was considered by Arthur Wellesley to be his greatest success?
7) Which of the following ladies asked Arthur Wellesley to marry her, but had her proposal refused by him?

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