Quiz 4

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You have read many Regency novels and also non-fiction books about the Regency period? Here is your challenge to proof your expertise.

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1) Which of the following nicknames was used for the Duke of Wellington?
2) Who was banned from the club "Almack’s" for having written a roman à clef, caricaturing members of the High Society?
3) Who was described as “mad, bad and dangerous to know”?
4) About which of the following ladies, the Russian tsar Alexander said: “It is a pity she wears skirts. She would have made an excellent diplomat.”
5) Napoleon’s “Continental System” was
6) Which of the following ladies was a patroness of the club “Almack’s”?
7) During the regency period, a mote skimmer was
8) Members of the gentlemen club “White’s” mainly supported which political group?

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