Quiz 3

IMG_6281 newThe Absolute Beginner’s Quiz of the Regency Period


You have no clue about history? Never mind! Try this quiz about the Regency (period, not hotel chain) and find out how much you already know about this thrilling era.

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1) The Regency period is dated from
2) The most exclusive club of the High Society of London was called
3) In the Regency period, George, Prince of Wales was acting as a Regent for is ill father, who was
4) Today’s modern men's suit, worn with a necktie, is credited to
5) Which of the following ladies was n-o-t a writer of novels in the Regency period?
6) In the first years of the Regency period, England was at war with which nation and its sovereign?
7) Which of the following drinks was a liqueur prepared with peach or cherry kernels, and thought to be a proper drink for ladies?
8) A phaeton, a barouche and a landaulet were
9) Popular sports for gentlemen were
10) A celebrity star of the Regency period was

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