Dear Regency Enthusiast

I enjoy creating small quizzes about the  Regency and the historical persons of this period. On this page, I share them with you.


“The Absolute Beginner’s Quiz of the Regency Period”IMG_6281 new

You have no clue about history? Never mind! Try this quiz about the Regency (period, not hotel chain) and find out how much you already know about this thrilling era.

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Bild1“The Jane-Austen-Expert”

A quiz about Jane Austen’s life featuring questions about money, love, writing and being famous.

It is the ultimate challenge for the Janeite. Give the tricky questions a try and proof your knowledge about her life.

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1) Jane Austen accepted a proposal of which of the following gentlemen:
2) Who Was Jane Austen’s favourite poet?
3) As an authoress, Jane Austen made the biggest profit from which of her books:
4) Jane Austen's novel "Mansfield Park" was published in May 1814. The first edition was sold out by
5) The Prince of Wales was an admirer of Jane Austen’s novels, but didn’t know who the authoress was. Who told him that the person behind the pseudonym “A Lady” was Jane Austen?
6) In 1798, Jane Austen and her family travelled by post-chaise. When they stopped at an inn and took a break, which of Jane Austen’s belongings was accidentally placed in another carriage and had been shipped off to the West Indies, had the carriage not been stopped on the road:
7) Jane Austen’s annual allowance in her father’s lifetime was the amount of:
8) The publisher Crosby & Co. bought the manuscript of which of Jane Austen’s novels in 1803 for 10 pounds, but never published it?
9) The first edition of “Sense and Sensibility” was published in October 1811 and was prized

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“The Wellington Quiz – 7 Tough Nuts to Crack”

A short quiz about the life of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. Some battle experience is required.wellington


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 “The Regency WizHolkham Library

You have read many Regency novels and also non-fiction books about the Regency period? Here is your challenge to proof your expertise.

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Bild2“The Novels of Jane Austen”

The quiz features short excerpts and quotes from Jane Austen’s novels. If you have read the  6 novels at least once, you should master it easily.

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“The Incredibly Hard Wellington Quiz”

10 tough questions about the life of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. Find out if you really are an expert on the British hero.

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