Enjoy November: New Releases About the Georgian Age

Elegant Etiquette in the Nineteenth Century by Mallory James“Balloon Madness” or “Dark Days of Georgian Britain”? Getting inspired by “Jane Austen Celebrates: Holidays and Occasions Regency Style or exploring “Travel and the British Country House“? November brings about 40 new releases about the Georgian Age. There is a strong focus on science and philosophy.

Read on and get inspired to find your perfect non-fiction read.

New releases about the Georgian Age scheduled for November

  • A Georgian Heroine: The Intriguing Life of Rachel Charlotte Williams Biggs by Joanne Major, Sarah Murden
  • Balloon Madness: Flights of Imagination in Britain, 1783-1786 by Clare Brant
  • British Romanticism and the Literature of Human Interest by Mai-Lin Cheng
  • Call of Empire: From the Highlands to Hindostan by Charles Baillie, Alexander Charles Baillie
  • Charles Avison in Context: National and International Musical Links in Eighteenth-Century North-East England by Roz Southey, Eric Cross
  • Cultivating Commerce: Cultures of Botany in Britain and France, 1760–1815 by Sarah Easterby-Smith
  • Dark Days of Georgian Britain: Rethinking the Regency by James Hobson
  • Diary of John Quincy Adams: November 1779 – March 1786 v. 1 (Adams Papers) by John Quincy Adams, David Grayson Allen, Marc Friedlaender, Robert J. Taylor, Celeste Walker
  • Diary of John Quincy Adams: March 1786 – December 1788, Index v. 2 (Adams Papers) by John Quincy Adams, David Grayson Allen, Marc Friedlaender, Robert J. Taylor, Celeste Walker
  • Edmund Burke as Historian: War, Order and Civilisation by Sora Sato
  • Eighteenth-Century Manners of Reading: Print Culture and Popular Instruction in the Anglophone Atlantic World by Eve Tavor Bannet
  • Elegant Etiquette in the Nineteenth Century by Mallory James
  • Fame and Fortune: Sir John Hill and London Life in the 1750s by Clare Brant, George Rousseau
  • In Pursuit of Politics: Education and Revolution in Eighteenth-Century France by Adrian O’Connor
  • Jane Austen Celebrates: Holidays and Occasions Regency Style by Lindy Bell
  • Jane on the Brain: Exploring the Science of Social Intelligence with Jane Austen by Wendy Jones
  • Joseph Locke: Civil Engineer and Railway Builder 1805 – 1860 by Anthony Burton
  • Madeleine’s Children: Family, Freedom, Secrets, and Lies in France’s Indian Ocean Colonies by Sue Peabody
  • Maria Edgeworth’s Letters from Ireland by Maria Edgeworth
  • Menials: Domestic Service and the Cultural Transformation of British Society, 1650-1850 by Kristina Booker
  • Moral Philosophy in Eighteenth-Century Britain: God, Self, and Other by Colin Heydt
  • Napoleon’s Commentaries on Julius Caesar: A New English Translation by R. A. Maguire
  • Novel Machines: Technology and Narrative Form in Enlightenment Britain by Joseph Drury
  • Painting by Numbers: The life and art of Ferdinand Bauer by David Mabberley
  • Reading Jane Austen (Reading Writers and their Work) by Jenny Davidson
  • Romantic Childhood, Romantic Heirs: Reproduction and Retrospection, 1820 – 1850 (Palgrave Studies in the Enlightenment, Romanticism and the Cultures of Print) by Beatrice Turner
  • Slave Trade Profiteers in the Western Indian Ocean: Suppression and Resistance in the Nineteenth Century (Palgrave Series in Indian Ocean World Studies) by Hideaki Suzuki
  • Teachers of the People: Political Education in Rousseau, Hegel, Tocqueville, and Mill by Dana Villa
  • The East India Company at Home, 1757-1857 by Margot Finn, Kate Smith
  • The First Iron Lady by Matthew Dennison
  • The Johnson Circle: A Group Portrait by Lyle Larsen
  • The Locomotive Pioneers: Early Steam Locomotive Development 1801 – 1851 by Anthony Burton
  • The Military Enlightenment by Christy Pichichero
  • Travel and the British Country House: Cultures, Critiques and Consumption in the Long Eighteenth Century by Jon Stobart
  • Waterloo: Rout and Retreat by Andrew W. Field
  • Women and the Gallows 1797 1837: Unfortunate Wretches by Naomi Clifford
  • Writing Britain’s Ruins by Michael Carter, Peter N. Lindfield, Dale Townshend

Find all new releases so far for 2017 here.

My choice

Dark Days of Georgian Britain: Rethinking the Regency by James Hobson

I am perfectly aware that the Regency isn’t at all only about elegance and ball. Yet I would like to learn about the dark sides such as corruption in government and elections,  rioting, the political discontent felt and the revolutionaries involved, etc.

In his work, Mr. Hobson also explores attitudes to adultery and marriage, food scarcity, prison and punishment, and the moral panic about homosexuality. Clearly a must-read for every historical novel writer, as a story can’t life on the sunny sides alone.

2 thoughts on “Enjoy November: New Releases About the Georgian Age

  1. Dear Anna
    My thanks for your comments about the Dark Days of Georgian Britain. The book is indeed a study of the Dark Side of the Regency, but there is no criticism of Austen- why would there be? She is a writer of fiction and had her own way of being a moralist about her life and times. Any Jane fans who read the book would add interesting background social knowledge to their general understanding of the period. Jane is of course in the book. Did your readers know that she suffered in the 1816 banking crisis? Jane Austen’s brother George was a partner in the bank of Austen, Maunde and Tilson which closed its doors in March 1816 with Jane losing only £13, a portion of her profits from Mansfield Park!

    • Dear James

      thank you so much for dropping by and writing a comment!

      Good to hear that Jane Austen is in the “Dark Days of Georgian Britain”. I am sure she knew much more of the Dark Sides of the Regency than her Victorian relative tried to make us believe.

      I am looking forward to reading your book!

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