New Exhibition at Museum of Creativity

Dear Regency Enthusiast

“Modern Japanese Poetry – Poems by Chiyo Kitahara” is the title of the new exhibition at the Museum of Creativity. I am proud to present poetry by the Japanese poetess Chiyo Kitahara. Regency Explorer brings English translations of her work to the internet for the first time.

When I established the Museum of Creativity, I did not expect its exhibitions to have any link to the Regency era or the Romantic age at all. It turned out to be quite different. Visit the museum and find out about the links to the Romantic Age here.

The museum gallery is open daily around-the-clock. Admission is free. There’s no need to drop off your bag at the cloak room. Stay as long as you like. Photography without flash only, please. Have a drink or a snack while visiting.

Best regards

Anna M. Thane

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