Meet the Stars

Regency Explorer (RE) was honoured to meet Merlin, Tara and Nero, the stars of “A Writer’s Cat”.

Read our interviews that offer an amazing insight into a cat star’s life:

Merlin star
Merlin aka “Drill Instructor Kitteh”

RE: How much of a “Drill Instructor Kitteh” is in your real character?

Merlin: Actually, I am the kindest cat you can imagine. I should be awarded an “Oscat” for playing the part so brilliantly.

RE: How do you keep in shape for such a demanding task?

Merlin: I get up early. Four o’clock in the morning is the best time for breakfast. My hoomins do not always agree, but I have my ways to make them get up. Then, I take a walk outside, come rain or shine or snow.

RE: This sounds tough. Is there anything else you can recommend?

Merlin: Sure. Drink water directly from the tap in the bathroom! It’s great fun. I can’t wait for somebody to open the bathroom door and turn on the tap for me.

RE: Thank you very much for this extraordinary insight into a true star’s trials – I mean: life, of course.


Tara aka “Tara

RE: Can you identify with the character you play?

Tara: Me as the nice kitteh? Well, of course! I am always at ease as long as things are done just as I want it. You see, I prefer my hoomin Sabine to everybody. I hate being carried around by anyone else. I don’t like intruders. If a visitor comes to my home, I retreat to the bedroom and peep through a crack in the door. You can never be too careful.

RE: Are you a bit anxious?

Tara: If you hint at my vet phobia – well, he is the most odious person! I don’t call avoiding him being afraid. I call it keeping one’s dignity.

RE: Yes, of course. I didn’t mean –

Tara: It’s the same with being outside when it’s raining. I do not like it all at. And why should I? Which self-respecting diva would ever go out in ghastly weather?!

RE: Indeed. I shouldn’t have …

Tara: You can bring me my tuna now. And then you may go. I would like to play a bit with my hair ties and my drinking fountain.

RE: Yes, ma’am, very well.

Nero star

Nero as „Nero, Prince of Darkness“

RE: Are you related to Basement Cat?

Nero: Ah, no. That was made up by the media.

RE: Does it trouble you to play the so called “bad guy”?

Nero: What do you mean by bad?! Actually, I enjoy teasing my fellow cats, driving them away from their feeding dishes or jumping on them. That’s not bad at all.

RE: Err… quite so. What else do you like?

Nero: I love tuna. Unfortunately, my digestive system does not agree to it. So I only get to eat chicken, damn it. Can you smuggle in some tuna when you drop by next time?



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