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Dear Regency Enthusiast

Regency Explorer has introduced a new subscription system. You can choose of which content you get notified.

As before, it is all for free, but now you can subscribe specifically to your favourite topics.

Choose from the following subscriptions:

Regency Addict: Tailor-made for all who enjoy exploring the Regency period ‘hands on’. You will receive new posts of the categories “Writer’s Travel Guide”, “First-hand Experience” and “Quiz and Fun”.

Regency Researcher: If you would like to learn more about the Regency period and want to be up-to-date about non-fiction book releases, subscribe to this profile which covers the posts of the category “Research”.

Regency Scrivener: You are a Regency novel writer or reader? Get writing tips and check how my Regency novel is growing by subscribing to this profile that covers the categories “Writing” and “Novel’s Progress”.

You can subscribe to your favourite topics via the form on the right. Click “Subscribe!” when you have made your selection. Existing subscribers to e-mail updates have been added to the profiles Addict, Researcher and Scrivener.

Best regards

Anna M. Thane