Look Forward to July: New Releases about the Georgian Age

Lord Byron, Napoleon, Mary Wollstonecraft, and a Visitor’s Guide to Georgian England – these are just a few key words of the promising new releases scheduled for next month.

Find out what to read in July in my latest post.

Check the list of new releases from July 2016 – July 2017 here.

Scheduled for July 2017

  • Animation, Plasticity, and Music in Italy, 1770-1830 by Ellen Lockhart
  • Ascendancy Women and Elementary Education in Ireland: Educational Provision for Poor Children, 1788 – 1848 by Eilís O’Sullivan
  • A Visitor’s Guide to Georgian England by Monica Hall
  • Byron’s Nature: A Romantic Vision of Cultural Ecology by J. Andrew Hubbell
  • Conserving Health in Early Modern Culture: Bodies and Environments in Italy and England (Social Histories of Medicine) by Sandra Cavallo and Tessa Storey
  • Coulomb and the Evolution of Physics and Engineering in Eighteenth-Century France (Princeton Legacy Library) by C. Stewart Gillmor
  • Diary of John Quincy Adams: March 1786 – December 1788, Index v. 2 (Adams Papers) by John Quincy Adams and David Grayson Allen
  • Diary of John Quincy Adams: November 1779 – March 1786 v. 1 (Adams Papers) by John Quincy Adams and David Grayson Allen
  • Far Distant Ships: The Blockade Of Brest 1793-1815 by Quintin Barry
  • Leases for Lives: Life Contingent Contracts and the Emergence of Actuarial Science in Eighteenth-Century England by David R. Bellhouse
  • Lutzen And Bautzen: Napoleon’s Spring Campaign Of 1813 by George Nafziger
  • Romantic Paganism: The Politics of Ecstasy in the Shelley Circle by Suzanne L. Barnett
  • Secret Cures of Slaves: People, Plants, and Medicine in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World by Londa Schiebinger
  • Strange Vernaculars: How Eighteenth-Century Slang, Cant, Provincial Languages, and Nautical Jargon Became English by Janet Sorensen
  • The Building Site in Eighteenth-Century Ireland by Arthur Gibney and Livia Hurley
  • The Female Philosopher and Her Afterlives: Mary Wollstonecraft, the British Novel, and the Transformations of Feminism, 1796-1811 (Palgrave Studies) by Deborah Weiss
  • The Improbable Victory: The Campaigns, Battles and Soldiers of the American Revolution, 1775-83: In Association with The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown by Chris McNab
  • The Improvement of Humanity: Education and the French Revolution (Princeton Legacy Library) by R. R. Palmer
  • The Invention of the Oral: Print Commerce and Fugitive Voices in Eighteenth-Century Britain by Paula Mcdowell
  • The Real Persuasion: Portrait of a Real-Life Austen Heroine by Peter James Bowman
  • The Rural World 1780-1850: Social Change in the English Countryside: 4 (Routledge Library Editions: Rural History) by Pamela Horn
  • The Strange Case of the Broad Street Pump: John Snow and the Mystery of Cholera by Sandra

My choice in July:

A Visitor’s Guide to Georgian England by Monica Hall

I can’t resist the Visitor Guides for would-be time travellers. They are piling on my bookshelf so I am perfectly prepared for the moment when the time machine is finally, finally invented.

The blub of A Visitor’s Guide to Georgian England promises us to  ‘find everything you need to know in order to survive undetected among the ordinary people. What to wear, how to behave yourself in public, earn a living, and find somewhere to live.’

Yessss! Sounds like the perfect summer read for me!

About the author:

Monika Hall has written articles for several online historical resources. She also reviews historical books and TV programmes.

Check the list of new releases from July 2016 – July 2017 here.

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