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Dear Regency Enthusiast

It seems only a couple of weeks ago that I registered the domain name “Regency Explorer”. Yet it is already 7 categories, 14 pages and 34 posts lBirthday cake smallater. My blog is celebrating today its first anniversary.

Let there be cake because many good things have happened so far – and more are to come!

I would like to say thank you: Writing a blog wouldn’t be so much fun without you. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your love for the Regency period and novel writing.

NEW: The Regency Club

White’s, Brooks’s, Watier’s – being a member of a distinguished club was crucial in die Regency period. It took social status und money to join. Today, Regency Explorer offers you to join its new online club The Regency Club for free.

Members of The Regency Club have access to free bonus material of Regency Explorer: Club Voucher a

  • event information,
  • exclusive material,
  • travel tips to Regency destinations,
  • latest news.

All these are packed into the free club newsletter “Secrets from the Desk of a Regency Novel Writer”, that will be published 2 to 3 times a year.

Join The Regency Club by typing your e-mail address in the field below the text “Secrets from the Desk of a Regency Novel Writer” in the menu on the right and click “Subscribe!”.

Six Memorable Milestones

Time flies by when you run a blog. Here are my personal highlights of Regency Explorer’s first year:

11/03/2013 – Congratulations, It’s A Blog!

After some frantic days of handling plug-ins, updates and IT crises, my blog goes online.

28/03/2013 – A Unique Tool For You

The Story Generator is online. It is a tool for developing new ideas and twists for a Regency Novel. Today, this special service features more than 150 “chance cards”. Pick a card here and find out if the tool works as a fortune cookie as well.

25/06/2013 – Creativity Shines

The Museum of Creativity, a space for artists, creativity and fun, opens its first exhibition. Five exhibitions have been held already – among them “How to Assemble a Ball Gown”, “Modern Japanese Poetry”, and “A Writer’s Cat”.

13/10/2013 – Know-It-All

My first quiz about the Regency was an instant hit with a record number of clicks on the first day. You can test your knowledge on the Regency period at beginners’ and expert level.

31/10/2013 – More than 1,000 Readers

For the first time, my blog has more than 1,000 visitors in one month. This was the breakthrough. The number of visitor has been rising constantly since.

My goal: 10,000 Regency enthusiasts per month.

To reach this goal, I need your support. Please help me by sharing the link to my blog with every Regency Enthusiast you know.

30/11/2013 – Breaking the Language Barrier

I started Regency Explorer in English, so I would reach Regency enthusiasts all over the world. Since the end of November 2013, posts have been published in German, too. Translating the main pages and posts turned out to be a huge task but it’s done now: Regency Explorer is a bilingual and welcomes everyone fond of the glittering Regency period in both English and German.

I am looking forward to the second year of blogging for you. Stay up to date about Regency Explorer and join The Regency Club for free (menu on the right). All members will receive the free newsletter “Secrets from the Desk of a Regency Novel Writer” 2 to 3 times a year.


Anna M. Thane

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