Greenstone, Gerry (MD): The history of bloodletting

Greenstone, Gerry (MD):

The history of bloodletting

British Columbia Medical Journal, Vol. 52, No. 1, January, February 2010.

I found the research very helpful for writing my post “Leech, Lavender and Laudanum: Medicine in the Romantic Age”.

One thought on “Greenstone, Gerry (MD): The history of bloodletting

  1. This article is very impressed to me. Right now, I realize that there’s a big difference between the oriental world and the Western world upon the targets of bloodletting. In the oriental world, there are 3 kinds of bloodletting acupuncture based upon different targets : acupuncture point, venules and veins. In the classic bloodletting acupuncture, venule rather vein is the key target . At present, classic bloodletting acupuncture is used to treat either acute or chronic pain disorders. ( see the reference)

    Dr. Chung-Jen Chen MD, Associate Professor, Kaohsiung Medical University College of Medicine

    * Chen CJ et al. Bloodletting acupuncture of the engorged vein around Bl-40 (Wei-Chung) for acute lumbar sprain. Am J Chin Med. 2001;29(3-4):387-91. PubMed PMID: 11789581.

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