Dollhouses Inspired by the Regency and the Georgian Age

01 Darcy closeupDollhouses are not for children. At least this is what the Georgians thought. When dollhouses first emerged in the 17th century, they were women’s play things, elaborate pieces filled with expensive or rare miniature objects. Only the rich could afford them. By the 18 century, dollhouses often were created as an exact copy of a person’s home, featuring even identical furniture.

Creating dollhouses is still a treasured hobby today. Among the most skilled creators are Caroline Hamilton and Jane Fiddick from Britain. They are also collectors. Their amazing collection of about 70 dollhouses is on permanent display at New Hall in Yorkshire. When visiting the exhibition this year, I couldn’t tear myself away from the charming settings. I was especially delighted by the many 18th century themed dollhouses. They feature scenes that could have sprung from a Jane Austen novel, and one of them is a copy of Newby Hall itself.
I have compiled a selection of photos of these admirable miniature buildings and their inhabitants for you to enjoy.

01 IMG_1560 nest House Mitte

A Georgian family scene

01 IMG_1566

Music room – perfect with miniature candles and chandelier

01 IMG_1289

Making the bed: the servants’ world

01 IMG_1280

Fashionable in the 1770ies: the Chinese Room


01 IMG_1559 Best House

A full view of “Best House” and its gorgeous scenes

01 IMG_1570 close up reading

Lovely detail: armchair with book and candles, perfect for a rainy day

01 IMG_1268

Every detail is amazing. Did you notice the riding boots?

01 IMG_1573

Supper is ready


01 IMG_1576

An accomplished young lady

01 IMG_1302

Bed room of “Adam House” – inspired by Newby Hall

01 IMG_1301

Drawing room of “Adam House” – inspired by Newby Hall

01 IMG_1303

Marble Hall of “Adam House” – inspired by Newby Hall

01 IMG_1628

The Georgian Box Room copied from a room by architect Wlliam Kent at Hatton Gardens

01 IMG_1630

I believe he proposes to her. What do you think?

01 IMG_1298

Regency room in the fashion of the 1820ies



Newby Hall, Dollhouse Exhibition, Skelton-on-Ure, Ripon HG4 5AE, UK

2 thoughts on “Dollhouses Inspired by the Regency and the Georgian Age

  1. wonderful! I love dolls houses and miniatures. I keep threatening to make a Georgian one, maybe I’ll even get around to it. Maybe I should theme it on one of my books!

    • Oh, please do theme it in one of your books. Dollhouses are an excellent inspiration for plot-bunnies: Two gentlemen competing for a lady by giving her the most exquisite furniture for her dollhouse or a secret message hidden in the bedcover of the miniature bed….

      Thanks for dropping by!

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