What to read in December? – New Non-Fiction Books about the Georgian Age

decemberEach month at Regency Explorer, I provide Regency Enthusiasts with a summary of the new non-fiction books about the Georgian Age.

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Which is your favourite new release of the month? Mine is

“The Best Surgeon in England: Percivall Pott, 1713-88” by Lynda Payne

The history of medicine fascinates me. What’s more: knowing how surgery was done in the 18th century might come in handy when writing a historical novel set in that age.

Percivall Pott, a leading surgeon in eighteenth-century Britain, had more medical conditions named after him during his lifetime than any other surgeon of his era or since. He played a significant role in crafting the image of a professional surgeon as someone who is capable of treating a multitude of poor hospital patients while at the same time effectively teaching operative skills and manners to the next generation of young men and running a successful and wealth-producing private practice. Lynda Payne examines his life and work.

Lynda Payne is a professor in Medical Humanities and Bioethics at the University of Missouri and a Professor of History at UMKC. She also holds degrees in Medieval History from the University of Edinburgh and a Ph.D. in the History and Philosophy of Science from the University of California.

Enjoy the new releases!


Anna M. Thane

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