Downton Abbey Quest: Was this writing slope part of the props?

wrting slopeI bought this lovely antique writing slope while being on holiday in England. Allegedly, it was used as a prop for Downton Abbey. True or hoax?

Dear reader, I need your help: If you have watched Downton Abbey and spotted this writing slope in the series, please let me know and tell me series, episode and scene/room in the comment field below. Your assistance is much appreciated, as I couldn’t spot the writing slope so far*.

About the writing slope

The writing slope is from the Victorian Age. It is decorated on two sides with an inlay of mother-of-pearl and brass. I believe the writing slope to be made of mahogany and veneered with walnut wood.

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Thanks for joining in my Downton Abbey Quest!


Anna M. Thane

  • *It’s not in: “Journey to the Highlands”, “The London Season” and Series 2, Ep. 1- 8. It is also not in “Christmas at Downton Abbey” (thanks, Yasha, for the assistance!).
  • There are many boxes in Series 1, episodes 1-3, but none of them is the writing box in question. The writing slope is not in episodes 4-7 either.

6 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Quest: Was this writing slope part of the props?

  1. Hi, I love Downton Abbey and I would like to help you finding the writing slope. What should I do?

    • Thanks, I appreciate it very much!

      Well, I suggest you choose a series or episode and watch it with special focus on furniture. It is kind of odd NOT to look at the actors, but one gets used to it. I find that you get a good look at a room and its furniture at the beginning of a scene. After that, the camera is mainly focused on the characters.

      By the way, I am by now quite sure that the writing box is not in the servants’ hall, the kitchen, the library and the dining room as standard-prop. So one can get through scenes in there rooms quickly.

      Thanks again for joining in the quest!

    • It is a nice piece, indeed!
      Though it would be cool if the writing box would have belonged to a main character, I doubt it. It is quite battered, so I think it s not of a very ‘nobel’ origin. It must have seen better times, in any case, or it must have travelled a lot.

      Thanks for droppingy by!

    • Hi,

      I finished watching “Christmas at Downton Abbey”. I couldn’t spot the writing slope. Sorry for the bad news.

      • Dear Yasha
        Thank you very much for all your efforts! I appreciate it very much. I have added the result to the list at the end of the post.

        Thanks again!

        Best wishes


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