#StayAtHome: Translator for children’s story wanted

Millions of people currently live in a locked-down area. This is an unusual situation for adults – and a very difficult one for kids. To help families with children aged 4-7 coping with shutdown and quarantine, I created an audio version of two children’s stories I wrote some years ago. One was among the winning stories in a writing contest for children’s stories, and was published by Weltbild.

The story “Die Reise nach Al Kalarabia” (10:30 min) is a story about courage, featuring the young camel Ben Abdul. The second story, “Fips im Zauberkäse” is about a mouse that lives in a magic cheese (4:30 min)

However, both stories are written in German. Thus, I am looking for someone fluent in both German and English who would translate and record one of it for free and then share it with families all over the world.

So, if you like the stories and would try a hand at the translation and recording, feel free to contact me (anna     @    regency-explorer.net). Thank you so much in advance!

Here are the audios:

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