Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Dear Regency Enthusiasts,

Christmas in the 18th century was celebrated differently than we do today – and I find it very tempting. The celebrations extended over the traditional 12 days of Christmas, and it was a time of entertainment with evening balls, parlor games, and family parties. Christmas Day itself, however, would have been a quieter affair, with a visit to the church and a festive dinner in the late afternoon. Continue reading

Object of Interest: The Columbian Printing Press

The American engineer George Clymer invented the Columbian printing press in 1813. It was one of the first iron printing presses, and it was in part inspired by the Stanhope press.

The Columbian printing press cost $400, more than twice the price of a conventional wooden press – and too much for the American market. So Clymer moved to London in 1817. Here, he made a success of his press-manufacturing business. Continue reading