My Austenized Advent Calendar

I received a lovely Advent calendar from my sister. The bags are filled with quotes by Jane Austen! The calendar delights me every day, so I would like to share it with you.

17. December

Plot advice no. 21 for writers of 18th-century novels

(Source: Jane Austen, “Northanger Abbey”)

So far, all cards of the calendar were created by Potter Style. They have lovely gift ideas for Jane Austen fans, such as “From the Desk of Jane Austen: 100 Postcards” and “What Would Jane Do?: Quips and Wisdom from Jane Austen”.

Find all previous quotes here:

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New „Secrets“ to be published in December

My next newsletter, “Secrets from the Desk of a Regency Novel Writer”, will be sent out in December 2017. If you’re not on my mailing list and would like to receive it, please sign up for free by 7 December 2017, 6 p.m.

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This is to the hero: Emma Hamilton`s ways to celebrate Horatio Nelson

It’s 1798. Admiral Horatio Nelson is on a mission to support the Neapolitan monarchy in Naples. He has already made a remarkable carreer, even if his greatest success is still to come. He is also marked by war: He has lost an arm and suffers from coughing spells. In Naples, he stays with the British Ambassador Sir William Hamilton, and his wife lovely Emma Hamilton.

A man on a mission falls in love

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Downton Abbey Quest: Was this writing slope part of the props?

wrting slopeI bought this lovely antique writing slope while being on holiday in England. Allegedly, it was used as a prop for Downton Abbey. True or hoax?

Dear reader, I need your help: If you have watched Downton Abbey and spotted this writing slope in the series, please let me know and tell me series, episode and scene/room in the comment field below. Your assistance is much appreciated, as I couldn’t spot the writing slope so far*.

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Just read what you want – nothing else

Dear Regency Enthusiast

Regency Explorer has introduced a new subscription system. You can choose of which content you get notified.

As before, it is all for free, but now you can subscribe specifically to your favourite topics.

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Join the Regency Club

Dear Regency Enthusiast

It seems only a couple of weeks ago that I registered the domain name “Regency Explorer”. Yet it is already 7 categories, 14 pages and 34 posts lBirthday cake smallater. My blog is celebrating today its first anniversary.

Let there be cake because many good things have happened so far – and more are to come!

I would like to say thank you: Writing a blog wouldn’t be so much fun without you. Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your love for the Regency period and novel writing.

NEW: The Regency Club

White’s, Brooks’s, Watier’s – being a member of a distinguished club was crucial in die Regency period. It took social status und money to join. Today, Regency Explorer offers you to join its new online club The Regency Club for free.

Members of The Regency Club have access to free bonus material of Regency Explorer: Club Voucher a

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New Exhibition at Museum of Creativity

Dear Regency Enthusiast

“Modern Japanese Poetry – Poems by Chiyo Kitahara” is the title of the new exhibition at the Museum of Creativity. I am proud to present poetry by the Japanese poetess Chiyo Kitahara. Regency Explorer brings English translations of her work to the internet for the first time.

When I established the Museum of Creativity, I did not expect its exhibitions to have any link to the Regency era or the Romantic age at all. It turned out to be quite different. Visit the museum and find out about the links to the Romantic Age here.

The museum gallery is open daily around-the-clock. Admission is free. There’s no need to drop off your bag at the cloak room. Stay as long as you like. Photography without flash only, please. Have a drink or a snack while visiting.

Best regards

Anna M. Thane

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