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The Newsletter features a little Regency Quiz and you can win this cute mug:

Regency Explorer Mug 1 Regency Explorer Mug 2

Additionally, there will be

  • reviews of non-fictional books about the Regency period,
  • information about Regency-related events around the world
  • and exclusive access to my new Online Exhibition.

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Lord Mayford’s Diary – New in the Museum of Creativity

Dear Reader

The strangest thing happened last week. Perhaps you will remember that I recently described how I developed an imaginary historical character and its story as a role for a Regency re-enactment ball.

One of my readers contacted me and claimed that there was indeed a historical figure called Anna M. Thane, who tried to arrange expeditions to overseas destinations around 1810. I have great doubts that there is any truth in this story. Most likely, all he tries to do is pull my leg.

On the other hand, the story is related to the Regency era. Therefore, I have decided to allocate, at least temporarily, some space on my blog to this strange narrative and let you decide if this is a matter of fact or fiction. Let me know what you think.

New Quizzes: “The Jane Austen Expert” and “The Novels of Jane Austen”

Dear Regency Enthusiast

Writing about the Regency period is incomplete without mentioning its most beloved authoress: Jane Austen.

This year we celebrate the bicentennial of Jane Austen’s novel “Mansfield Park”. In March 1814, publisher Thomas Egerton was probably busy with the book’s forthcoming release in May, while the authoress was already working on her next novel, “Emma”.

To mark the event, I have created two quizzes for all fans of Jane Austen and her novels.

Come and have a try at “The Jane Austen Expert” and “The Novels of Jane Austen” at my Quizzes-Page.

Can you answer the 10 questions on Jane Austen’s novels and her life correctly?


Anna M. Thane

Exhibition shows: Cats Improve Your Creativity

A scientific study has shown that people who love cats are more creative than people who love dogs. But is there even an influence of cats on your creativity as a writer?

The exhibition “A Writer’s Cat” at  The Museum of Creativity sets out to proof that cats are a writer’s best friend: They are ever so kind, supportive and  inspiring for your work. Click here to find out more.

I saw that no mice no cats gross - kiss


A Keepsake for a Couple-in-Love: You Decide How the Story Continues

As a writer, you can create or change a story line as you like. But, this means you have to make decisions about actions and turning points. Your decisions may even change the end of a story.

I have created a little scene for you. After the introduction, you will find three alternatives to chose from.

  • With one option you will help your friend.
  • Choosing one of the other options will make him your greatest enemy.

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Regency-Explorer-Quiz: Who is “Mr X”? is in search of “Mr. X” !

Here is a little quiz for all History Sleuths: Who is the historic person described below?  Read all about his appaerance, his characteristics and his life up to the year 1815.

Questions to answer:

Who is X?
Who is A?
Who is B?
What is the name of Y?
What is the name of Z?

Write your answers in the comment field below. There are glory and honour to gain – as well as the fun of solving a quiz.

Enjoy it!

Here is your challenge:

Name:       X
Birthday: xx. xx. 17xx / London.
Profession: writer

  • Figure: tall, straight and upright in carriage
  • Countenance: His steps are short and firm, his approach cheerful, almost dashing
  • Hair: black and straight, parted in the centre
  • Eyes: brown, brilliant, reflective, kind and gay, with a look of observant humor

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