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Are you a Regency enthusiast?

Do you like the Regency?

Do you read Regency romances?

Do you write a historical novel?

If it is a “yes” or a “maybe” to any of these questions, here is a new website for you.

I am writing a Regency novel and have collected a huge amount of data. If you are interested in historical facts and how to find them, please have a look at my posts under the category Research.

For general writing tips, see anything categorized Writing.

News about the progress of my final draft, you can find here.

The category “A Writer’s Travel Guide” offers you a quick access to my series of articles about the places, the related people and the history of Regency England (including the occasional “Grand Tour” to the continent).

I enjoy experiencing typical aspects of the Regency period, such as carriage driving and dancing. I am happy to share my Regency adventures with you here.

Last but not least, you can find pics, quizzes, short stories etc. in category “Quiz and Fun“.


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Anna M. Thane