A Keepsake for a Couple-in-Love: You Decide How the Story Continues

As a writer, you can create or change a story line as you like. But, this means you have to make decisions about actions and turning points. Your decisions may even change the end of a story.

I have created a little scene for you. After the introduction, you will find three alternatives to chose from.

  • With one option you will help your friend.
  • Choosing one of the other options will make him your greatest enemy.

Here we go:

Imagine being the best friend of Mr Thomas Hessay, 19 years old and the 4th son of a Baronet. Thomas is a dashing young man and forever in a scrap. For six month, he has been head over heels in love with Miss Lucy Woodward. However, Lucy is only a shopkeeper’s daughter – not at all eligible. Thomas’s father is strongly opposing a betrothal and tries to separate the couple.

It‘s the year 1808. You, Miss Lucy and Thomas are sitting in a coffee-house in London. The couple is once again meeting secretly, and your presence is a mere pretence, should the Baronet or a friend of the family should notice them. Personally, you feel like a weird kind of chaperon.

Thomas has just disclosed some bad news to Lucy. Her eyes widen. “He really did it? Oh, I don’t believe it! How could anyone be so cold-hearted?”

Thomas nods gravely. “He did buy me the commission indeed. Never had thought my own father would do this to me. Not that he hadn’t tried everything else to separate us. But this! I am off to the peninsular with the 95th Rifles in a sennight”.

Lucy shivers and leans forward to Thomas. Her small hand flutters up to his cheek and touches it tenderly. You give a delicate cough, but it is drowned by the noise of the coffee machine.

She blinks away some tears and says in a rallying tone: “We will meet again in a couple of years, of course. But surely you will have forgotten me by then – just imagine the pretty Spanish ladies and the fun when you are off duty: One hears the soldiers go fishing, and they even hunt rabbits. I do envy you!”

“Lucy, my dearest. How could I ever forget you?” Over the coffee table, Thomas catches her hands in his (nearly knocking over your tea cup). “Look, we still have this week –“

“In which we have to meet clandestinely”, she says darkly.

You cough again. Really, do these two believe you are deaf?

“We will manage”, Thomas smiles at Lucy . “This last week together shall be what we remember while you are in Spain.”
Thomas looks up, a sudden idea crossing his mind. “Would you like it if we would have each other’s portraits painted? I am thinking of these miniatures, you know. Convenient things to take with you.”

“Oh, I would like it immensely! But wouldn’t it be very expensive, and take a long time, too?”

“Ah, that’s true.” Thomas chews his lower lip. “Neither of us has any money, and I would not want one of these fancy painters to steal precious time from us.” He casts a look at you. “Hey, old friend! You usually have good ideas. How can Lucy and I contrive to get a picture of each other for little money and in a very short time?”


Now it’s your part. How can you help the love-birds in distress?

You consider the circumstances for a moment.

What are you going to say? Make your choice by clicking on one of the options below:

Option 1

“I will give you the money.” Click here to read what happens.

Option 2

“You should see John Miers.” Click here to read what happens.

Option 3

“You can have a miniature of my sister.” Click here to read what happens.

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